AI - born and living in Prague, Czech Republic

Education: Photography - FAMU Art Academy, Prague; Theory of Culture - Charles University, Prague

Philosophy: There is a secret world hidden to our eyes. It´s been always so. Only few can enter. AI capture many images with pinhole camera to look at least into. That simpliest optical principle allows them to explore every gap of reality. It´s the bridge between visible and invisible! AI do not respect any visual limits. They are never tired enough to dig out forgotten treasures. AI’s work shifts from hyper realistic compositions to pure abstraction that lies on the very edge of photography.

Backround: After a short period in advertising AI decided to be fully active in the field of fine art photography. They are selling their photos in several galeries and to private colectors. Anyway, they achieved to place few photos to MoMA SF.

Prices: $300 to $1200. Signed and framed in limited editions of 10 or 15

Apart of selling their fine art pictures AI make their living by taking pictures of architecture.